Wireless Tethered Shooting Device for Dental photography

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Wireless tethered shooting device for dental photography :
I have made my own wireless device and I love to use for taking dental patients photos. It is the smallest wifi router preinstalled openwrt custom image file. You can take photos and wireless tranfer to PC or mobile devies (android or IOS). Transfer speed is very fast(about 2sec.) and Tranfer range is within about 50 meters.


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Dear Doctor,

could you be so kind and tell me where can that wifi router be bought and do I need some special software to use it? Are wifi routers (for digital cameras) which can be bought on ebay ok, or do I need to find some special Nikon only accessorise?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
dr. Oguić


Hello doctor. Thanks for reading my post.
The wifi device is not a commercial product. So. you can not buy in anywhere. Sorry for that and I have made by myself.
You can select and use any Nikon or Canon DSLRs with my device. I have made already another devices (similar with camranger). I will plan to write and upload some photos for DIY tethered shooting device that will helpful for you.

Yours truly,

Dongjoon Kim


You can use any tethered shooting software as followings.

for example If you have Nikon DSLRs.

You can use official Nikon Camera control pro2

Third party software : Free softwares
(1) Digicamcontrol
(2) Dslrdashboard

Third party license required software :
(1) NK remote (Breeze system)
(2) Control my nikon
(3) Smart shooter


Please tell me what you use to connect wireless to the camranger. The dongel you attach to your camera where can that be purchased and the cost.Thank you


Hello doctor.

The wireless tethered shooting device should be connected wirelessly in your PC or in your mobile devices. So, You must have connect wireless LAN card to wifi tethered device(such as camranger).

The only thing you need is wireless LAN card for your laptop or desktop PC.
Hope this will helpful for you.

Yours truly,

Dr. Dongjoon kim


thank you for your answer but I am still unsure. You plug into your Nikon camera a wifi device( what is that devices name) to transmit the photos data to the camranger, and the camranger transmits the data to your computer is that correct? If this is not correct then how does the device transmit data to your computer.
I have a Canon system what type of device would I use to plug into the camera to transmit to the camranger wirelessly or directly too my computer?


My wifi device name is DRWAVE AIR. and Camranger is a different device.
DRWAVE Air works similar to Camranger. The Camranger like device in video is TPlink MR3040 device not camranger.
I show you the size comparision between MR3040 and my device.
Camranger can be only worked with specific camranger windows app but my device can be worked with any windows tethered shooting software.

If you want to transfer datas or photos to PC the only thing you should have is plugging my device to Nikon or Canon and power on device and after searching and connecting to Wifi SSID name of my device on your pc. and after run the software (digicamcontrol ).Now you can take photos, photos are wirelessly tranfer to pc. That is all.

Any questions are OK.


Hi, Dr. jerome bistritz

If you have a camranger. you do not need my device at all.
You can use camranger connected to canon DSLR via USB cable and run camranger windows software.

Camranger is so big and heavy for me,so I have made smaller and lightweigted camranger like device. Do you understand ?
Hope you will.


Henry Schein