Vertical Bone augmentation in the posterior mandible.

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Posted on By Jose Luis Dominguez Mompell In Bone Grafting

Many techniques have been proposed to treat the posterior atrophic area of the mandible. The use of the biological model described by Prof Khoury and the tunnel approach are giving us great and predictable results. Soon a full presentation in Dental Xp.We would like to thank to Dr. Salama for allowing us to share with you our daily practice and also to people such us Howie Gluckman, Alberto Fernandez, Jorge Campos, Chuck, Armando... and many others for being such inspiring colleagues.
Hope you like the video.

Jose Mompell
Juan L. Chao


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Jose and Juan;
We anxiously await the full presentation on XP soon. All the best and warm regards from Atlanta. regards Dr. Salama


Jose and Juan,I agree with Dr.Salama,show us more of your great work!
Best regards


Thank you so much for your kind words. Soon we will post one of the cases we performed with Mia when She came to our clinic some months ago.


What are your thoughts on the case posted on the Forum by Stefano? Seems similar? Dr. Salama


I really like Stefano's Post. It's a quite similar case with quite similar photos. I can tell you that although the tunnel approach is a bit more difficult, we use it always when we perform vertical augmentations. Wound dehiscencies and graft exposure is our biggest concern in reconstructive surgery, and with this approach this complication is very rare. One thing that I do different to Stefanno is the period of time between the grafting surgery and implant placement, we tent to wait 16 weeks rather than 12.
Thanks for asking our opinion Dr Salama


Pepo. Deja vu. It never gets old. Big fan my friend.Chuck


Pepo! I´m not surprised at all becaus I know your technicall skills are on the TOP ten! Another case, as many that you showed us in our Master in Spain. Really very effective!
Thanks for posting my friend!


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