Universal CT Generated Guide

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Posted on By Emil DDS In Implants

Implant placement with CT generated guides usually require a surgical kit specific for the type of implant placed. With this approach ---any implant can be placed wity no need for an expensive surgical kit. Densah burs together with VerbanDrillstop for vertical control allows precise implant placement.
A digitial file merged with a CBCT allows implant and guide plan. This plan exported in an stl format and 3D printed.
Guide controls the axis of placement and the vertical is controlled by the stop.


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Dear Emil,

Well planned and executed. Don't you think that the 2 implants are too close together?

Perhaps narrower implants such as 3.5, would be a better option, and you would gain >1mm in between the implants, for the interimplant bone to have enough blood supply.




I am comfortable with the 3.5 platform on these implants. I originally planned to place a 3.7 and then during the surgery decided to go up to a 4.2 implant. The platform on the 3.7 is the same as on the 4.2mm. In the anterior esthetic zone perhaps an issue but with bicuspids I feel secure with my desicison.

I will post as the case progresses.