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Images from the Pc Guided Bone Harvesting Procedures showing the precision of the performed osteotomies in accordance to the surgical guide. The applied protocol is described in details in:
De Stavola et al. JOMI 2015
De Stavola et al. JPRD 2017


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Incredible...can you share your pdfs with info@dentalxp.com and perhaps do a presentation on this process? Thanks Maurice


I will for sure, thank you


Congratulations on this innovative application of technology to help clinicians with ramus graft bone harvest. Autogenous block grafts are such a predictable technique for ridge augmentation. I developed this procedure over 20 years ago and have taught it to thousands of practitioners. Some clinicians have struggled to learn the harvest and felt uncomfortable with a "free hand" approach. This will definitely help many implant surgeons that want to offer this technique for their patients. I look forward to further presentations. Thank you.


Dear Dr Misch,
thank you for appreciating the concept. You focused perfectly the aim of the idea, help Clinicians to perform the procedures in easier way and preserve the Patients from damage of anatomical structures.
thank you