Nerve Repositioning

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Bilateral Inferior Alveolar Nerves
Lateralization with Implants Placement
in Atrophic Posterior Mandible


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helloDr Schwartz
Dr Vinayak from INDIA
very nicely done case and documented .
just wanted to know if the patient had any post op complications including pareasthesia or any heamatomas after repositioning and most importantly wanted to know what was that material used to retract the nerve bundle .
thanks and congragulations on a superbly executed case .


hello dr.
Thank you for your comment.
the material used for the retraction of the nerve is called a vessel loop.
the patient suffered from mild hypoesthesia on the right side for 4 months, she was treated with Low Level Laser with complete recovery.

with regards

Dr. Schwarz-Arad


Neat work
not for the faint hearted


What do you suppose are other options here if one wanted to avoid a nerve repositioning? thanks Maurice


Dear Maurice,
Thank you for your question, since the patient had already the 4 implants in the symphysis, the only alternative for fixed restoration was nerve lateralization. The available bone superior to the canal was not sufficient for short implants. Nevertheless, if she was edentulous, all on 4 was also an option.


Amazing work! You leave us 5.34 minutes breathless.
Is particulate augmentation material in direct contact with the nerve?
Thank you for sharing!
Best regards


Thank you for your compliment and question.
Indeed, the bovine bone substitute saturated in BMAC (Bone Marrow Aspirating Concentrated) is in direct contact with the neurovascular bundle


Magnetic Mallet
Henry Schein