Lip Re-positioning & Gingivectomy

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Posted on By Ahmad Hawasli In Soft Tissue Enhancement

Gummy smile with excess gingival display treated by lip repositioning and gingivectomy, follow up after 2 weeks.


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Ahmad very nice case, thank you for sharing!
What was your initial diagnosis for this case?


Thank you Yiannis..
My initial diagnosis was excessive gingival display with prominent maxillary arch that caused gummy smile.


Thanks for sharing. Was this Maxillary Vertical Excess VME? Do you have a Cephalometric film? Thanks Dr. Salama


You welcome Dr. Salama, yes it was Maxillary vertical excess as diagnosed by her orthodontist. Unfortunately I don't have currently her Ceph, I will try to get it from the orthodontist and post it!. Thank you again Dr. Salam for this nice website and sharing with us your nice cases and experience too.


Hi Dr. Hawasli;
May I ask how tall your patient is as well as her age?

My instinct is to have more aggressive during the gingival surgery especially if the patient is tall where the expectation might be that she would have bigger teeth.
Just my thoughts.


Thank you Dr. Benjamin, you mentioned very important point. I actually don't know exactly her tall, but she is a short young lady / 30 years old. What do you recommend for this case?.