Determining VDO

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Posted on By brian mills In Occlusion

An alternate concept in determining VDO when restoring a complex case.


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Hi Brian;
The centrals do not look like 12 mm centrals in the final restorations. My eye says that the centrals could be longer to have more tooth display and better follow the curvature of the lower lip.
Do you have a close up of the completed smile.
Best regards,


Gerald sorry for the tardy response. Got busy with things and forgot. I can't seem to post any complete smile photos here. Do you have an email address where I could send them to you.
Take care Brian


Gerald, Thanks for your comment. You are right the centrals are not 12mm. What I was referring to as the maxilary segment is 12mm.
I agree with you esthetically they are compromised.
Do to his severe deep bite and the patient not wanting any ortho or ortho gnathic surgery I couldn't make the centrals longer and have proper function.
It is an example of trying to have a reasonable result and fulfill the patients wishes when you can't provide an ideal result.
Take care Brian