Guided Bilateral Crestal Sinus Lift with Densah/HPISE+GBR+6 Implants

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Posted on By Anton Andrews In Sinus Augmentation

Complete maxillary Rehabilitation.
The treatment plan includes 7 maxillary implants, vertical bone reduction in the premaxilla to eliminate “gummy smile “ and flexible Restorative Plan -either for three fixed implant bridges or an All-on-7 fixed implant bridge.

This video shows Phase 1 - bilateral non-invasive Guided crestal sinus lifting, bilateral GBR, placement of 6 implants. #GuidedPET on #12(24).

Presented for the first time in the clinical application, Specially designed with biomimetic approach Surgical Healing Abutments had been used in the ULQ. They were covered by a collagen membrane and had been submerged under the flap.
2-week follow up demonstrates excellent soft tissue healing.


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Wow, remarkable utilization of technologies...what or did you use in the sinus? Only Densah OD? did you add bone? Great post. Compliments. Maurice


you have experienced such a complicated case. what was the method of lifting and grafting the sinus memand and how was the primer stabilization of the implants? also gives a view of the operation field "newly plowing field": :)) Could it be bone protrusions? Thank you in advance for your reply.


Maurice and Cafer, thank you for compliments and your questions.
Due to the case complexity, I came up with the hybrid approach for sinus lifting.
It had been initiated with Densah, followed by Dr. Sohn's HPISE and finalized with Samuel Lee's crestal sinus kit - to ensure adequate membrane elevation.
All implants initial stability had been good, and the best was #2 which had allowed a MUA placement instead of a healing abutment.
With all that being said, I have to admit, few modifications had been applied to all above mentioned techniques to achieve the best result.
Sinus lift graft composition was made of 70% PRF and 30% allograft in the "sticky bone" format.
GBR was done with the "sticky bone" as well .


Great case! Looking forward to see final result! Gregory


Thank you Gregory.
I’ll keep everyone updated.




Nice follow up...the video is still exceptional. Well done. Hope to see you in August at XP-NYU Regen summit. regards Maurice


Thank you Maurice.
I made plans to go to Europe in August. I’ll see you at the winter meeting.

Onlay allograft vs. PET at 6-month


Anton. Bravo my friend👏👏👏👏. Perfect vision and execution. Just love it! Spot on all the way! Best wishes. Chuck


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