Vertigo after crestal sinus lift

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Implants were placed yesterday. The most distal one needed a crestal sinus lift wich was made with Neobiotech burs ( No osteotomes and mallet). Menbrane was confirmed by touch, lifted, PRF was introduced beneath it, then 10mm implant was placed with 4mm membrane lift. Xray shows the tenting effect.
Patient woke up this morning with severe vertigo and nausea.
Any ideas on how to treat it. Gravol? Decongestants ? and how long it could last?

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What are the treatments for benign positional vertigo? A variety of treatments are available to help treat BPV. These include: Epley’s maneuver Some doctors consider the Epley maneuver the most effective treatment for BPV. It’s a simple exercise you can try at home that doesn’t require any equipment. It involves tilting your head in order to move the piece of calcium carbonate to a different part of your inner ear. Learn how to perform the Epley maneuver, and about other home remedies for vertigo. Home treatment There are steps you can take to manage the dizziness associated with BPV. Be aware of your surroundings and avoid placing yourself at risk. Losing your balance is always a possibility. Falls can cause serious injuries. Take a seat whenever you feel dizzy. Sitting down during a dizzy spell can help you avoid falling.You should also take precautions such as having good lighting around your home and using a cane for stability. Also, learn what triggers your episodes. Preventing symptoms of vertigo from becoming worse during episodes of BPV can be as simple as avoiding the positions that trigger it. Medication Your doctor may prescribe medications to relieve spinning sensations. These may include: sedative-hypnotics, or sleeping aids anticholinergics, which work by blocking the neurotransmitter acetylcholine antihistamines However, medications are often not effective in treating vertigo.


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