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Densah burs by Versah for crestal sinus lift.
I like to call it the "v-Lift".
In this case we have a narrow ridge with limited height. A perfect situation for the Densah burs. Using osseodensification we can expand the site and lift the membrane simultaneously without the need for hand instruments or sinus kits.
Verban drill stops (created by Dr Emil Verban) were used to prevent drilling past the sinus membrane. Auto-compaction using the Desah burs provides a self lift to the schniderian membrane. a-PRF along with FDBA mixed with i-PRF provide were added to complete the augmentation.
Comments and criticism welcomed.

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Nice documentation as usual. 2 questions:
Do you think that this approach may be the safest approach in cases with thick membrane? I, personally, think so.
It would be good to see ISQ readings at 3wks, and 6wks if possible. Any possibility of early restoration here?



I believe this is the best techniques for thick or thin sinus. I just posted a video online with less than 1mm sinus membrane. Due to the vortex created in the osteotomy by your burs we get the best of all sinus instruments without the technical difficulty. My plan as you know is to load by 6 weeks. I anticipate an ISQ above 65 throughout the testing.
Thank you for your questions and guidence.


Isaac congratulations!!
Superb case and documentation. I agree with you about the V-lift. Easy, quick and safe.


Thank you my friend. -isaac


Isaac, very nice case and management. Do you think that cross sinus anatomy plays a role here? What is the advantage to use the specific implant with narrower neck? Combining Densah Burs and Verban drill does allow an easier surgical procedure? Thanks for sharing. Armando


Great questions Armando. The anatomy certainly plays a role in aiding for a simple sinus surgery.
With regards to the implant choice I used to be afraid to use this implant in sinus lifts. My fear was the narrow neck wouldn't grip and i'd loose the implant in the sinus. I was using the anyone and other implants in leu of the anyridge implant for many years for that purpose. After much practice with the anyridge I found I received better stability and higher ISQ with the anyridge even in the presence of sinus.
The implant and bur have similar principles allowing for better primary stability, enhancing and expanding soft bone.
Dr Vebans stops are a great adjunct. They make the procedure more controllable and predictable. They assist in proper spacing for placement as well.
Thank you for your questions


Isaac. Well done! Do you find the V-lift protocol to be effective with less than 3mm crestal height? Thank you for sharing. Best regards. Chuck


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