Used Dental Xray Equipment

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We have for sell used dental x-ray machines.

Planmeca promax 3D Cone Beam with Ceph option manufactured 2013 price=== $20.000

KODAK 9000 3D Cone Beam with ceph attached manufactured 2010 ==== price $18,000

2012 Sirona XG 3D ORTHOPHOS dental Xray unit manufactured 2012=== price $23,000

Planmeca Proline xc with ceph manufactured 2009 price $9,000

2014 Planmeca Proone 2d dental xray unit price $10,000

Gendex CB-500 Dental Digital Free Standing 3D Cone Beam Panoramic X-Ray manufactured 2008 price $18,000,

All this machines are working perfectly and without any cosmetics damage.

The machines include computer and software.

Note that we can ship this machine to any interested buyer anywhere in the world.

Free shipping to your address.

Installation of this machine by our certified technician will be discussed.

please contact us for more details.Via this email:

Name: John Davis
Houston Texas USA.
Tel: (325) 453-7597

planmeca promax 3d cbct with ceph option
care stream 9000 3d cbct with ceph

planmenca proone 2d dental xray unit
planmeca proline xc
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Can you send me a image for the cone beam please


The equipment is really good and it looks as new, but I think that years which those equimpent passed through should dicrease the price a little bit. I don't want to offense anybody or try to get a discount, but I know companies like with a strong reputation on the market which can sell new equipment for the same price (but I am more than sure that I will have the highest quality equipment in my clinic for this price, otherwise I don't want to risk). So this is just business, the price is too high and it generates a certain risk for my budget and reputation.


thank you sir this is really good


again bulsit