Tunneling technique utilizing alloderm

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Patient presents with severe Miller class II recession on teeth #8 and #9. Tunnel technique utilizing alloderm was done. Photos shows every step of the procedure. The final follow up photo (8 weeks) shows that slight gingival recession was still present. I tried to convince the patient to do a coronally advance flap to get full coverage however, he was very satisfied with the results. All your questions and comments are appreciated.

overall preop photo


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2 weeks postop
8 weeks postop


Nice job. I would wait for 6 months before trying an CAF or semi-lunar modification. You may witness "creeping" attachment and further root coverage. Nice work. Dr. Salama


Thanks Dr. Salama.. How long do you keep the sutures before removing it? I know according to Pat Allen he leaves it 6-8 weeks. I still take them out in 2 weeks. I was wondering if that maybe affecting the final outcome


Beautiful case and well done. I would have done a frenectomy procedure as well in this case to release the high frenum attachment as it may be the contributing factor of the recession on # 8 and # 9.


Thanks to offer such a helpful post, keep sharing more knowledgeable content.