Temporary crown help?

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I have a temporary crown that was placed on a tooth that had a root canal. It keeps falling out, even with temp dental cement. This is very concerning for me, as I grind my teeth in my sleep, and the crown is very short, which leads me to fear choking on it or swallowing it in my sleep, neither of which would be fun. My dentist just told me to force it back in, but when I'm unconscious that's impossible. Do I get a mouth gaurd? Go back to the dentist as soon as possible? If I remove the crown, my tooth will shift and I still have eleven days until my final crown is completed. Can I just take it out overnight and see the dentist tomorrow? Any advice would be appreciated. I'm really stressed about this, and this far, I am resorting to simply not sleeping.

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Sorry but just saw your questions and I assume by now the final crown has been cemented to place. Actually many temporary crowns do come out accidentally since they are made to come out by using a temporary cement that will allow the easy removal without breaking the underlying tooth.


Hi, hope you already had a successful dental crown by now. Just to make a clear explanation especially to those who presently has the same problem. You should know that you have your options. This information is based on an article published by PlacidWay Medical Tourism.

Crowns are typically made from a choice of three materials:

1.) Gold - Gold crowns used to be quite popular, though their use has diminished in recent years.

2.)All porcelain or all ceramic - These crowns are the most popular today, and are made of voluminous materials or zirconia.

3.)Porcelain fused to metal -This type of crown is strong, design with a porcelain over a metal core structure.

Again you have the option to choose which materials to utilize, in conjunction with advice from the dentist regarding strength, durability, and location of the crown.


A temporary crown is a temporary crown used in dentistry. Like other interim restorations, it serves until a final restoration can be inserted. Usually the temporary crown is constructed from a chemical-cure composite, although alternative systems using aluminium crown forms are occasionally used.[1] Temporary crowns function to protect the tooth, prevent teeth shifting, provide cosmetics, shape the gum tissue properly, and prevent sensitivity.
A temporary crown will usually be cemented in place with a soft temporary dental cement. This allows for easy removal when fitting the permanent crown. If a temporary crown becomes decemented, it is important that a dentist examine the patient as overeruption of the opposing teeth may prevent accurate fitting of the final crown.If a dentist cannot be seen in a timely manner, the temporary crown may be recemented by applying temporary cement to the temporary crown. If any one can want to get more information, he/she can visit at http://www.drismaelkhouly.com/


Actually temporary crowns are just for some time. Dentist used bit before they provide permanent crown.There are many types of crowns used by dentist which are not only temporary.