Teeth retention

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15 years old female patient presenting 18 retained or impacted teeth and some amelogenesis imperfecta on 1st molars.
The patient came to our office after her general dentist extracted all remaining deciduous teeth 1 month ago.
How shall we face this case: wait for teeth to erupt or tract? All roots are formed. To what syndrome could this be linked?

Panoramic before extractions e extractions
Come beam

Come beam
Impaction level

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Expose and tract teeth as they have enough apical root development. Not sure about any syndrome? Dr. Salama


Thank you Maurice. We will indeed proceed with traction after exposing. We hope teeth will follow the expected course.


I thing that there is any sindrome.
There is an impacted teeth, probabily some teeth must be estracted before at the appropiate age. The Rx at the just time show certainly the apical maturation of the definitive teeth, it is the just time to remove the milk tooth.In the last period in my practive often happned this situation (with few teeth), but i dont have an esplanation
Dr Lotta Padova


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