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So, this is an old case, stored on the chest box, which i’ve promised my technician i would publish some time.
Long story short, this is a patient (beautiful girl) to whom i’ve told, even before getting into dentistry, that if i ever became a dentist, I would definitely treat her smile.
It was a challenging case. Remaining teeth structure, restorative space between canines, orthodontic class II, pro-inclination of central incisor, among other problems, where some of the challenges encountered during the treatment.
In the end, I think we managed to enhance the smile of this beautiful patient, giving back some natural features and restoring hers bucal health.
Special thanks to João Pegado for the patience to withstand my perfectionism craze and to Ana Quirino dos Santos whose superb clinical and managing skills made this all case come to an happy end.
A big kiss to the patient for believing that we could do it.

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Dear Pedro, I am too ignorant in restorative dentistry to ask any question, but let me congratulate you on the fantastic work!!! A lot of knowledge in one case!
Best regards


Wow.. No words to describe the feeling of having such an idol giving this feedback. Very honoured and appreciated. Thank you very much :D

Best Regards,



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