Socket Shield Step by Step

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Posted on By Howard Gluckman In Anterior/Esthetic

A how to of socket shield technique. Step by Step pics

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how much of a sliver are you trying to retain? Are you performing these in endodontically infected sites?


Thanks my friend....I hate to ask you but you seem to be a machine. Can you provide a video of this procedure? Do you leverage the facial sliver of root during subluxation? How far apical do you take bur when sectioning? What bur do you use that is long enough? What do you use to remove sharp edges of shield? Thanks Mo


Mo I am almost finished with a video and a full lecture for XP. It will explain the technique go through it step by step and then deal with all the complications. Should be ready in a few weeks. It also has a full video of the technique. The lecture will answer all the questions as they are critical ones for a very difficult technique.


Howie. Nice example. Looking forward to your videos! Still a lot of questions to be addressed, but if able to refine and master the technique, I feel SS will be a game changer. Your experience is very helpful. Thank you for sharing. Best regards. Chuck


Nice technique any radiographs available to post? How long is your facial sliver,does it extend to the apex you did you truncate part of the way to the base of the socket?


Howard good guide to introduce intererst , at least,in the community about this technic.
I´m also preparing a video with general topics about biology principles, tech , history and cases.
SS is now a very popular topic.
Thanks for sharing your experience.


Very well done. I anxiously await your video presentations. I am a big fan. Band




I know you have info in the works but what is your longest follow up and have on a case and have you ever had a shield exfoliate?