Socket Shield bridge finished

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Posted on By Jorge Campos In Implants

This case has posted and now is finished. Interesting to see is the buccal plate restored with Socket Shield and ridge spliting on #7, plus CTG.
On the mucogingival phase, the SS of #10 was reshaped because was done on the "pre-OPSS" (pre open flap Socket Shield). See the results of the quality of the tissues sourrounding the shields.
It was an issue if the scars would be worth the shaping of the Shield, at the Dentalxp meeting with some members. See results.
Regards to all

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Zone of the scar.


Wonderful case, great documentation and result. All worked here. What is your personal assessment of the case upon review of all that was done vs. how the case would have worked out with Full Extraction? Any post op CBCT images of SS?? Thanks again Mo


Thanks Mo, personally I think that if I would extract all those roots the buccal wall will be compromised and I would have to overtreat the bone contour, as we usually do. But....the quality of the tissues is not the same, and in the long run...5 years or more...sometimes we see the difference. Hope the SS will mantain for many years, may be for life, the tissue vascularization and bacterial resistance.
See canine area, the lost of that root makes a big depresion. Now is with normal shape.
Thanks for comenting.


great work and a totally new approach and confidence on medium term (are we allowed to say that?) follow up.
I personally enjoy very much your unique ability of dealing with 'large' projects and executions.
Great sharing too.


Thanks Armando!
Ja, ja, we all manage such cases.
And yes! finally we´re having mid term data that shows the reliability of the SS on this period of time.
Thanks for being in our team!


Hi Jorge,

I Love this case, great job.

Do you have a frontal pic of the final restoration?
And, did you obtain the extra volume in the edentulous area just by doing the ridge split?

Thanks for sharing, cases like this inspire us all.


Yes Andoni, I´ll post when I´ve got the CBCT image post op.
On the expansion ridge I had to add CTG at the time of first surgery, and on the uncovering phase.
Thanks for your kind words, as allways.



Just a masterpiece. Preserving nature as much as possible is the way to go. Thank you for sharing.



HI Salah, really preserving existing estructures, like PDL, helps mantaining bone profile. The key to time lasting tissues.
Regards, and see you soon at MADRID JTI!



Save the teeth - Save the tissue - Save time = WIN-WIN -WIN.

Madrid will GREAT! Can't wait. Chuck


Thanks Chuck!
The equation makes sense. The adding evidence with your cases, Armandos, Salahs, Maurice, Howie´s, Haakons, Naraian....and all that I forget now, is building the value of the SS.


Wooow just outstanding !!
I love how you make it look so simple and with minimally invasive flap design and exposure..Bravoo
Did you use vertical cuts for the split? Did you harvest CTG from palatal of 6,7? How thick and at what height are you leaving your shields now?

I tried to catch you and say hi at the Dental Xp but with no success, hopefully next time :)

Best regards my friend,



Ehab what a pity we could not meet!
It´s nice to put faces on the names!
Yes I did vertical cuts for the spliting ridge.
I harvested CTG only from palatall flap that was extremelly thick. Also 4 months later I rentry and harvested 2nd time from the same site.
Shields: 1mm thick. Bone level. "C" shape to mantain proximal peaks as much as possible.
Keep on!


Inspiring case Jorge! Fantastic treatment detail and documentation. I am sure the patient is not worried about the scar. Great meeting you in Florida!


Mark, also a pleasure for me to meet you. Thanks for your kind words. And yes, the patient has no you say.
Warm regards,


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