Socket Shield 2.1 last evolution

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Posted on By Jorge Campos In Implants

This Forum, and the last Dentalxp Meeting at Ft. Lauderdale has an enormous influence in PET philosophy.
I want to state the evolution of SS
2010 Markus Hürzeler SS 1.0
2012 SS 1.5
2015 JTI (Salama & Campos) SS 2.0
2016 JTI SS 2.1
The SS 1.0 was done drilling inside the central part of the tooth.
SS 1.5 Change in the technic, cuting the tooth mesiodistal.
SS 2.0 Raise a mini flap to avoid EXTERNAL shield exposure
SS 2.1 Beveling the inner part of the shield to FACILITATE shield coverage.
Here is a case.

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Hi Jorge. Yes 2.1 makes sense. I learned this the hard way by correcting shield exposures that have occurred with both open and closed approaches. Just Beveled one this morning. One step at a time my friend. Thank you for sharing.

Shield exposusre
Beveled shield


We ALL learn in the hard way...don´t we?
Thanks Chuck. We discussed this at Dentalxp meeting this month...


Yes. Smart people learn from their mistakes, but really smart people learn from others mistakes! I hope everyone out there is paying attention. Pretty soon we won't make mistakes anymore:-). I hope.


Jorge, Very very interesting case..but! I think that a shield is a ....shield and that is protective for bone and soft tissue. Fact that you reduce the shield could lead,IMO, to the case situation Chuck showed. I believe that the shield could be longer with no collateral effect and if it moves it will do it in a comfortable area and easy to handle. Does the shield move,according to you? Interesting to see long term result on this specific case. Warm regards. Armando


Hi Armando, my point of view is that what we use of the Shield is only the ability to preserve the PDL, thus the vascularization of the buccal wall (bundle bone). So I don´t trust the supraosseous part of the Shield. It has dentogingival fibers, yes. But: the pressure of the gingave over the Shield generates an external exposure with aesthetics inconvenience. Thats why I prefer for the leveling of the Shield.
Regards my Friend.
We´ll talk at the JTI wiht Howie, Chuck and others about this issues.


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