Pet Perspective / Mand Fx Repair w Mini Plate Fixation/Fortigen

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This is my 4th clinical trial case with a new bone graft w novel osteoinductive surface modifications: the next generation of GF for orthopedics.( Fortigen-P )The allograft particle surface is modified w immobilized osteoinductive signals... Fortigen-Ps performance is expected to be non-inferior to BMP2.

Traumatic R Mandibular Fx of a compromised ramus from generalized periodontal disease. The Fx split M1 and caused a oblique mandible crack
Tx: Careful extraction to the mesial and distal root. Fx reduction and stableization w a 4 hole DCP mini plate. Bony defect was filled Fortigen-P and the entire site was covered w a collagen membrane. Flap closure was made w 5/0 absorbable suture.....


Fx Site/Ext Roots and Fx Reduction
Plate Fixation/Fortigen-P

Flap Repositioned
Pre / Post X Ray

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Rocco, very nice surgical management: final Xray reduction control seems perfect. I believe that when you remove a tooth the healing process is speeded up and any material you use will more easily integrate. It will be interesting to see time and quality of final bone: do you have sampling data and a histology control? Thanks for sharing. Armando


Ciao Armando

Preferred Definition of Success?
1) radiographic, clinical, no device complications,histologic analysis if possible.
2) radiographic & clinical within a BMP-2 like timeframe
Procedures to consider: Arthrodesis, Non-union, Fx repair, Void filling, Maxillofacial surgery

Current Plan
Safety will be established by comparing the incidence of the following in treated vs non-treated.
Post-op delayed union
Post-op non union
Surgical site infection, including osteomyelitis Implant-associated complications
Evaluation of BUN, CREA, ALP, & ALT at and 3-6 mos after surgery
In the next several months the data from the orthopedic surgeons and oral surgical procedures will be organized and analyzed



Henry Schein