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Planning to insert 3 implants in the lower jaw, I have inserted a 4.5 using the Socket Shield Technique and 4.6, 4.7 all of them with healing abutment. For the little horizontal augmentation I have chosen the FIRST technique with no membrane.

Socket Shield Preparation

Implant Insertion
Outside of the box GBR
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Great job combining procedures. Can you expand on the FIRST procedure and technique for those who may not know of it? Why you prefer it. I understand the fibrin glue and stablizing of the graft. Anything else? Thanks for sharing your work. Dr. Salama


Thank you Maurice, this fibrin glue is of human origin, not from the patient, here in Italy PRF is not always so easy because of the laws. It has adhesive and inductive action stimulating hard and soft-tissue regeneration.
Mixed with biomaterials or autologous bone, makes the graft easier to manage and to fix into the wanted position. It’s effective also on wound protection achieving a faster healing of the soft-tissues.


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