Non-Professional Seeking Home Made Retainer Help

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Posted on By Timothy Gray In Esthetic Therapy (General)

So I've joined this forum because the internets vast, and the best place for info is a professional forum. My apologies if I'm out of my element, I understand the risks and understand I can permanently cause major problems for myself.

So with that out of the way, I've previously had braces and my retainers were accidentally destroyed. Due to lack of funds, I could not have replacements made. Now my teeth have shifted and I'm doing my own work to fix it. I've created my own alginate mold and did a cast of my teeth. I then 3d scanned them into my computer using photogrammetry. I've gone through some ortho textbooks and found information pertaining to proper adjustment of teeth and where to put pressure for rotation, tilt, and pivot points.

So my question is, for doing my own adjustments (via 3d rendering), do I make adjustments to all my teeth at once or some teeth until I've moved specific teeth enough. I know teeth move around 1mm per 5ish week period, but I dont know best practice for practical movement. My canines have shifted outward, my two front teeth face slightly inward, and the teeth between my canines and front are pushed back slightly. Any advice would be great. Again my apologies for being a non-professional. But thank you for any advice.

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Hi Timothy,
You have shown great invention but unfortunately there are several problems
1 alginate may not produce an ideal model of your teeth, dentists will often use more expensive "rubber" materials that produce a more precise mould
2 moving teeth needs to be done in a precise fashion to prevent many complications arising eg death of teeth. planning is mainly carried out with specific orthodontic(brace) software allowing us to judge movements precisely and its possible effect on other teeth
3 often and its probable in your case you might need some enamel shaved off the sides the the teeth to gain space and allow for easier tooth movement-remove too much and you end up with gaps between your teeth , too lightly and teeth don't move and pain can result
these are just a few issues there are many more
Best advice-leave it to the professional who have trained for many years to best serve you. You issues don't appear that bad -you don't want to make them worse!


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