Need Advice - Impacted lower second molar

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Hi All,

I am a patient and appreciate if I can get some advice from the professionals here. I am a 30-year-old woman. I have impacted lower second molars that grow sideways on both left and right side. The second molar is pushing the tooth in the front (I believe that's the first molar). I had bad cavities on both of the impacted lower second molars and first molars because food easily got trapped. I remember my dentist mentioned that the cavities were deep near the nerves. My dentist managed to fill the cavities around 3-4 years ago. However, when I eat / drink cold, the tooth reacts to cold and it gave me like a throbbing sensation on the lower second molars area.

My left hand side is even more complicated. The situation is worse because I lost my lower second premolar 12 years ago and I haven't done any bridge to fill the gap. The upper second premolar starts drifting down which I believe is called super eruption.

I did some researches online, many articles suggested to upright the second molar at young age. I wish I would have gotten a chance to do brace when I was still a teenager. At my age of 30, Is it too late to do the brace?

I am also planning to have a baby in this year or two. I am not sure if doing the brace works well with pregnancy plan.

Instead of upright the second molar, the study mentioned to extract the second molar as a least effective approach. If I choose to extract the lower second molar(s), I wonder if the wisdom tooth is going to come out? Any other alternatives besides these two?

I would like to get the problems as soon as possible but right now I am so dreaded at the same time. Any advice is truly appreciated.

Attached is the X-ray of my lower left (impacted second molar, first molar, and missing second premolar) - image was taken last month.

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Hi , you probobly need a root canal done on fist molar (cavity in pic u posted..) that is causing pain... While preforming the root canal the dentist can `cut ' the distal(aka back ) of your first molar so it doesn't block the eruption pathway for second molar- then you can have ortho done in the areas to help eruption and to end all a crown if u start now the process in six months the teeth can be aligned even if not perfectly yet... Good luck Aryeh


Save 1st molar with decay removal and probable root canal therapy and crown. I would consider removal of wisdom tooth and orthodontics to upright and align 2nd molar. Good luck. Dr. S


Hi! I agree with Maurice.
I would try to save 1sr molar, root canal probably needed and then extract wisdom tooth and to ortho treatment.
You could consider Invisalign, invisible ortho treatment, with a micro screw on the retromolar region and start moving the 2nd from the very beginning, taking advantage from the fresh socket of the 3Rd. This can also be done with backets no doubt by it is a less aesthetic option.
Visit a clinic where they can provide you endo and all option of ortho treatment.
Keep us updated!

Good Luck!

José Mompell


Remove 1st and last(wisdom tooth), upright the 2nd molar and place implants on 1st premolar and 1st molar area. By the time implants integrated, second molar will be upright enough to make space for implant crowns. if not , your dentist can disk mesial of second molar.


Before you extract and replace a molar, it's crucial that you understand why it was. Implant supported restoration for a lower Second molar.


I thing that the maintenance of the 1 molar needed a great work a many doubts for the nest period.
The ideal is having a health tooth:
1-Ex of 1molar, 3 molar,
2-up righting of the 2 molare (implant al 4.5 and after orthodontic--- or TADs on distal 4.7 e elastics for uprighting and pheraps distalizzation
2- riabilitazione Implant supported
Dr lotta Padova


Magnetic Mallet
Henry Schein