Maxilla Rehabilitation with Bone Augmentation and Immediate Load

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A Man with 49 years old, ex-smoker, healthy, wanting to stop being ashamed of laugh and recover is self esteem. He his also having difficulties in chewing because both bridges in the maxilla are moving, infected and with lost of supporting bone. we decided to do a total maxilla rehabilitation with bone reconstruction and immediate implants and load. The shape of the maxilla makes and the lack of bone makes it a bit challenging.

initial aspect and planning
Extractions and implants

Bone grafting with Augma Bond Apatite
Temporary rehabilitation

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Beautiful case. What is the technic for fabrication of the immediate provisionals and its connection to the immediate implants?


Thank you for your attention and your nice comente Dr Anoosh.
Well, to do the immediate provisional I work with Paula Neri (for me the best lab technician in the world). we take a lot of photos of the maximum smile, lateral and front occlusion, relation with teeth/nose/chin. We also need the maxilla/mandible dental cast and an Occlufast with the occlusion. For last, I also send her some photos and films of the planing (as the first photo down below).

-About the connection to the implants, Paula Neri brings the prosthesis like a normal removable and then, after the placement of the multi-units abutments on the implants, we screw the temporary titanium abutments on the multi-units and make the holes on the prosthesis until the occlusion its exact and right (second photo). After that, I grab the prosthesis on the temporary abutments with pink acrylic an the Paula Neri does the rest (takes the excess of acrylic and fill the rest of the gaps.)

If you have the interest, you can view all the case in this link:

Best regards

planning foto
adapting the provisional


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