"Intrusion via Hyperocclusion". 5-month follow up.Andrews Intrusion Phenomenon. Part 5.

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"Intrusion via Hyperocclusion". Andrews Intrusion Phenomenon.
I estimate that Intrusion is completed for about 70%.
Patient feels no discomfort, she uses the right side for chewing. No bone loss is seen around implants or teeth involved.
There is no cracked or broken teeth, cusps, fillings etc.
Mobility of the upper molars is within 1-2.
I had taken 3D scan before the treatment and I am very curious to compare it with the final one superimposing them on each other.
My feeling is that the entire upper right quadrant was pushed in by the implants.
Comments, discussion?

Tx time line comparison
x-ray before the intrusion

x-ray after 5 months of intrusion
occlusal plane 5 months since intrusion had started

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3-month follow up Video is available here:


Anton, I´m following this case with much atention because is not what I believed, and expected. I used to practice Ortho, and on that time, 1975-84...my father, who is an Orthodontist , used metal crowns with phosphate cement instead mollar bands. Upper and mollar first molars where "crowned" with 0.8 mm steel crowns thickness. The same phenomenon was seen. At 2 weeks, at least 4 we saw the intrusion efect.
I thought this was obtained because patients were young or children.
Thanks for posting!!!


thank you for the comment.
I think its about rate of bone remodeling. in kids it is higher than in adults.
Your dad's observation also busts the myth that " orthodontic literature describes more CONSTANT DIRECTED FORCE required for tooth movement".


Anton. All looks well thus far. It will be interesting to see post treatment stabilization. Thank you for the update. Best regards. Chuck.


Thanks Charles,
regarding stabilization, you probably forgot that these implant crowns have FINAL contours.
This is the best in the world stabilizer and a retainer!


Anton. I be will even more impressed knowing you are able to design and fabricate crown contour that both position and stabilizes the opposing occlusion. Fascinating to say the least. Best regards. Chuck.


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