iNJECTABLE TECHNIQUE - Composite veneers

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[INJECTABLE TECHNIQUE] - composite veneers

Patient didn't want to close diastema mediana nor to change anything with her central incisors (slight discoloration) but wanted to, as she asked "make laterals bigger".

Due to the very limited space in incisal area to elongate laterals we did modified 360 veneers to reshape canines as well to make canine guidance more steep (it was almost composite due to tooth wear).

For such cases when we can do everything purely additilye, just by adding tiny layer of composite my choice is Injectable technique to copy/paste wax up with transparent silicone index.

Everything was done minimal prep.

Lateral incisors in A1 shade, canines A2 shade.

Injectable technique is simple predictable technique which use transparent silicon index made based on the wax up. In it holes are prepared on incisal edges through which flowable composite is injected directly on th tooth surfaca. Composite can be light cured through the silicone and by that in precisely 3D you can copy your plan from the wax up in the final composite restoration.

Hope you like the result

Whole protocol of injection technique, with all steps and modification you can find in my article from Quintessence international.


Details after finishing and polishing
Before/after laterotrusion

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Hi David, Excellent result!~I hope you have instructed the patient to avoid applying torque to the anterior teeth by eating a hard apple without cutting it into pieces and avoid biting on hard crusts of bread. Good luck, Ron