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45 male pt. complaining of this badly teeth and and want to make many implants recommended in this upper arch and can i make immediate placement in this case ? thanks

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no :(


Amr; I woul think yes you can place implants and immediately load them with appropriate A-P spread and cross arch splinting.
Good luck
Dr. Salama


Dr. Salama,

First of all, I want to thank you for sharing your cases and ideas.

As for the above case, the panoramic radiograph does show adequate vertical height of alveolar bone except at #3 area. A CBCT will reveal the alveolar ridge widths in the edentulous areas. Can you please help comment on a couple of things:

1. How many implants would you place for a fixed-detachable prosthesis in the maxillary arch? Implant positions?

2. What's your take on All-On-4 concept?

Thank you

Simha K


thx Dr.salama ,but what about implant positions??


I agree with Dr.Salama, its possible to place the implants, there's a lot of bone in posterior area. My concerns are about the apical lesions present in some anterior teeth, one of them seems to be very large. So be sure that you will remove all the pathologic tissue prior to implantation. A CBTC could help you to proper planning.
Best regards.
Dr. Sormani.


I agree with Dr. Salama. This seems to be an excellent case for immediate placement and loading with cross arch stabilization and splinting.


thx all for ur concern but i need to know the best implant position for 6 implants?


A minimum of 8 implants,more if primary loading is intended.distributed evenly around the arch


Magnetic Mallet