Implants for atrophic ridge with some bony defect .

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Hello All
Middle age lady presented to our office, requesting afixed restoration on implants, CBCT indicated that she had previous implant surgery and removable of the inserted implants in a very traumatic way. Resulting in three big V shaped defects in bone. Asking a patient, she mentioned that, she had to remove the implants manually due to bad esthetics???
Our plan was inserting 6 implants due to short height of the ridge, in the right and left side, also avoiding the defective bony areas.
Procedure was conducted patient was comfortable during surgery, and she requested during the surgery, adding two more implants, which was done safely.
A temporary restoration was constructed to satisfy the patient.
A unique case of patient requesting and demanding her own protocol, this was followed because it was possible to do it, with no complications, but this is considered a demanding type of patient.
Thoughts and comments are welcomed.

Parallel pins in place.
Pre-operative view and CBCT plan .

Direction Pin and , implants with cover screws.
Digital X Ray .
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A great service to this patient for sure !!
My only comment would be to perhaps place the implants a little deeper.
Thank you for sharing ya doc !!


Dear Dr. Ehab Moussa
Thank you very much for your kind comment.
As for inserting implants deeper in bone....I definitely
agree with your point ,But having these two bony defects ,
and a relatively thin mandible,made me careful concerning
deeper insertion ......avoiding any fracture possibility.
Thanks again ,with my best kind regards.
Wahib Moussa


Henry Schein