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-A female patient with 36 years old, healthy, non-smoker, presentes a symptomatic cyst with an active fistula on the area of #21/22 and an absence of the #24 with a major horizontal bone loss.

-The patient wants to have fixed teeth again (22 and 24).

-She is traumatized by an old apicoectomy surgery and she doesn't have much money to spend on treatments.

Initial state
Implant Placement

Bone Grafting with Augma Bond Apatite

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Nice result and post op scan. What graft did you add to the Augma material? Did you add a membrane? Thank you Dr. Salama


Thank you for your comment and for your attention Dr Salama.

Well, actually I didn't use nothing else except the Augma Bond Apatite: no extra bone graft and no membrane what so ever. I started the surgery thinking on only doing the bone augmentation but after the removal of the cyst I decided to try the implants in even because the patient wanted the less chair time possible. I just trusted Dr Amos Yahav indications but I must say I was a little unbeliever:
-Placed the implants, put the Bond Apatite, pressed 3 seconds with a dry gauze and then suture with tension. 5 months after I was calling and sending the case to all my colleague friends. Personally, this is my favorite bone grafting material for Maxilla horizontal bone augmentation. It really works and takes about 15 seconds to do it.

In the fig.8 It`s possible to see that the suture leaves a little gap of 1mm and the bone cement showing.

I must say that this was the first case I have ever use the Augma bone cement. I was first aware of the material in the Miami Dentalxp of 2018. I bought a couple of boxes of bone cement because we didn't had it in Portugal and I decided to try it on this patient because she had very little money and she was to much anxious for complex expensive bone augmentations or long surgeries. For me personally, this case was a really game changer. Thank you very much Dr Salama and Dentalxp for it!

Bone graft
suture with 1mm gap