Gum infection after filling

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Posted on By Alo Mal In Patient/Consumer Inquiries

I had an old cracked filling cleaned and then replaced.
A day later, i started getting White Patch below the tooth on the gum. After 5 days, i visited again the dentist, and told
To get antibiotics and hy+al oral gel. Now i have a kind of hole in my gum.
What was the reason of this weird big infection no idea !?
Will the hole in my gum heal and get back to cover my teeth properly ? And how quick

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Hi Alo,
sorry to hear and see you've had problems so soon after recent dental treatment. Without much more information it's impossible to conjecture as to the cause and final outcome.
The area does appear to have a clot over the site which is a good sign. I would advise you keep it clean as best you can and try not to disturb the site.
You could ask your dentist as to his views on why this has occurred and if you both feel it necessary maybe be have it looked at by a specialist
I wish you well and good health to you your family and friends


Thanks a lot Barry. I appreciate it your feedback. I visiting my dentist every 3-4 days now for this. And of course im keeping it clean always.
I will try to get more info from her tomorrow.
I feel it has almost healed now, but do u have an idea about the clot, like if gum will close and grow again or usually special solution is needed?
You too be safe and thanks for the wishes in this tough time !


This seems like a burn, trauma or ischemic event. It should fill to a degree and heal over time. Try to rinse with warm salt water for the next couple of weeks as it heals. Discuss as Barry said above with your dentist. if you are not happy seek a second opinion. Good luck and stay safe. Dr. Salama


Thanks a lot shokran ktir Dr Salama.
I understood from my old Doctor overseas that it is usually caused by the local anesthesia made, and that this is necrosis of the gum. She said 15-20 for the gum to grow again to fill the hole.
She recommended to ask my dr tomorrow to also make an xray to see if the bone got affected anyhow.
It’s good news now from all of u, now i feel relieved! Thank u ! Stay safe dr. Salama.


This can occur if your dentist doesn't remove all of the decaying tissue, and it can also cause an infection in the pulp of the affected tooth. Your saw gums swelling or a pocket of pus near the tooth. Use warm water for cleaning and try to avoid unhealthy things which affect your gums. Clean it on regular basis, it will help you.


Thanks to offer such a helpful response, keep sharing more knowledgeable content.


Henry Schein