Full arch Rehabilitation.

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Posted on By miguel stanley In Esthetic Therapy (General)

This is a case of real life dentistry we finished over a year ago. We did an interdisciplinary approach which is standard. The case is self explanatory except for the fact we chose to place the implants simultaneously with the sinus graft despite very little crystal bone. This is achieved thanks to a great thread design.
All final ceramics were delivered in one go. Case took 6 months from beginning to end.

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Nice case! I see you adjusted lower incisors too. Gregory


Really, really nice case, Miguel. This is exactly what patients expect and what can be achieved only after thorough planning and in team that doesn`t accept half smiles:))

Just one question: why have you chosen two crowns with cantilever instead of "classic" bridge design? I guess that the bone was very thin on the first premolar site.
Congratulations, beautiful result!

BTW, I read your prospective study, be sure I`m going to quote it. It`s about single post ex implants in anterior maxilla, I wonder why PES is not included? It must be about 14 for your cases Fürhausen, and 10 Buser...

Best regards


Well done Miguel. We look forward to your lecture at NYU XP Implant Summit in August. regards Mo


Very well excecuted , great.


Hi Miguel;
Your soft tissue is exquisit!!!!
And that is where this game is played.


Beautiful result and so well planned in record time, Miguel!