do i really need 3 fillings?

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hello there, i would like some advice as to whether the pictures i have uploaded of my teeth indicate that i require fillings for all of these. there is one with medium-large sized cavity, another with a large dark shadowing on the back of my front incisor (that i have had for the best part 8 years, although now im told it needs to be filled despite appearing the same as it always was), another with a smaller cavity and two x-rays. i am told there is a slight darkening on one of my teeth in one of the x-rays in comparison to the healthy teeth it is surrounded by and this indicates a possible need for a filling. that specific darkening is in reference to the smaller cavity.

any information on this would be appreciated as my dentist of over 10 years has moved away to Australia and i'd like to be in the know as best as possible before committing my oral health to another.

thank you for your time :)

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The photos show either the presence of deep stain or decay and these teeth definitely need to be attended to in order to determine if they are decay…and if so, it will probably be deep since you have had these for many years. the reason you do not see a change in the outward appearance is because the way bacteria that cause decay work is within the dentin where they expand even into the pulp. So you can see a dentist who has air abrasion which is a jet spray of an abrasive which would remove any stain and if the black continues to show up it will be decay and the air abrasion can continue to remove it. Another choice would be a laser which cuts hard tooth structure or the basic choice of a dental drill…but do not neglect these areas any longer. I strongly suspect deep decay!!


The black spot present in the front incisor can be the plaque. Isn't it?


I strongly agree with Dr. Goldstein. Dr. Salama