Chipped teeth

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I have noticed 3 cuts/chips on my teeth at the lower front near the gum (no other damage). This is the first time in my life I have damage to my teeth (I am 40 years old).
The cuts are sensitive to brushing and touch (for example a touch with a fingernail).
I went to a dentist and I asked if that was caused by hygienist cleaning (I complained about the hygienist few times and I think she got upset and did this damage to me last time I have seen her; she quit the job shortly after my last visit).
The doctor mentioned that the teeth damage was probably caused by using a hard toothbrush or grinding teeth. It is hard to believe that I got damage on the 3 teeth at once due to the toothbrush. He offered me to buy an electric toothbrush from him. He also filled those 3 chipped teeth.

Can you please advise what is your opinion.
One of the intraoral pics is here.

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Bob; This is erosion and quite common. It is NOT caused by a Dentist or Hygienist. It is also very likely that you would NOT have noticed it until they brought it to your attention. I would suggest a nightguard as often this can be exaccerbated by bite trauma and grinding/clenching. Dr. Salama


Bob, Dr. Salama gives good advice. If we could see good photos (you can take with an iPhone) of your teeth together but lips retracted we can better answer your question about may be that those 3 teeth are sticking out a bit and therefore are more subject to brushing more. Also your next question I will be happy to look at your radiograghs (xrays) to see the wisdom teeth.


Veneers/crowns are best option for chipped teethes in my opinion.You should consult a dentist for a second opinion.