Changing the Oclussion: ¨Through the Anterior Guide and vertical dimention¨

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Posted on By mariano estrada In Occlusion

Different oclussal schemes and jaw realations sometimes can limit the esthetics outcomes of some patients looking to improve esthetics or full mouth rehabilitations.
The understanding of the components of the masticatory system and their function can help us overcome some difulties doe the to the over bite , the over jet can limit the way of the treatment plan, management of the oclussion by increasing the vertical dimension and the anterior guidance can improve esthetics results and function in the different mal occlusion classifications.

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Very nice case Dr. Estrada, good job and a great result! congratulations, Dr. Pantaleon.


Thanks Dr Pantaleon.
This case we augmented the vercal dimesion with stopers in posterior crowns and onlays.


Mariano, great and complete case treatment! The result was a complete change for the patient. Looks younger, due to vertical dimension augmentation.


Thanks Dr. Jorge
He visto varios de sus trabajos y es un honor recibir sus buenos comentarios.


Mariano congratulations on a very nice case. the patient certainly has a very different occlusion and aesthetics. Thanks for sharing,
Best regards,


Excelente caso dr. Mariano !! Que tiempo deja al paciente , si es que lo deja , con una restauración provisoria para evaluar la nueva dimensión vertical ( signos y síntomas ). Muchas gracias por compartir ! Felicitaciones nuevamente ! Saludos dr Duarte !


Thank you very much for your comments
After determining the vertical dimension THROUGH the intra oral mock up i, we did the wax up, that from which they made a provisonals and left approx.for 2 months.
During this period we evaluated the posibles symptoms.


Excellent result! I have done a number of patients with the exact malocclusion some keeping the same position and others with the same technique as you showed. The patient shown here required me to keep the same occlusion because he would have fractured the teeth if I had built them out and orthodontics was not an option.

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After Smile