The beauty of PRF and a safer crestal sinus lift approach

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Posted on By Sherif Salama In Bio-modifiers: BMP-2 / PRGF

extracted the upper right 7 for the patient due to a failing restoration, Prf was used a s a sole socket preservation material, 4 months later an amazing amount of bone was formed in the place of the previous roots,i planned the implant and designed the surgical guide myself(pilot protocol),3 mm of sinus were planned to be lifted with the old school osteotome technique however in this case I decided to incorporate Prf in my sinus lift procedure by placing Prf in the osteotomy followed by bone graft prior to green stick fracture the sinus floor to act as a cushion and to be a safety measure in case of contacting the membrane then osteotome was inserted and tapped to elevate the floor and the implant was placed with healing abutment utilizing poncho technique ............. what do u think guys

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Nice result and no doubt of radiographic success. I have moved away from this style technique years ago do to the trauma and concussion effect of the mallet...and possible side effects of benign positional vertigo (BPV). Dr. Salama


Hi my friend - Just ran across this forum post recently and noticed Dr. Salama's comment about how he moved away from using the old school mallet technique due to vertigo and patient discomfort/trauma... Have you seen this device called the Magnetic Mallet? It's rather clever and impressive from what i've seen! Studies show it SIGNIFICANTLY reduces vertigo in patients all together with its magnetic-dynamic impulse technology while also providing more controlled and powerful forces without generating heat; therefor no need for irrigation either! Check it out:


Magnetic Mallet