Augma- biphasic calcium sulfate after immediate implant post extraction

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Immediate extraction and implantation following internal versah sinus lift along with removal of retained buccal and palatal endodontically treated root tips left ‘years prior’. pt presented for surgical procedure last tuesday 1/15/19. pt was aware of root tips when i mentioned it to her prior procedure. so i layed a flap with consent to remove them prior to placing implants. molar 14 was extracted and a versah sinus lift was performed thru furcation after delivery of sectioned root tips. (after this weekend, using older versah burs to go straight cw thru furcation after decorination)
my question is; ive been using augma more ofter as very beneficial as a filler graft after full mouth extractions and immediate implants. its very fast to use and does not require collagen membrane if not more than 3mm exposed. however, im concerned that after (bcs) immediate implantation and its use of it to fill socket, post op xray looks void of graft material. this should fill in due time (4mo) but what are your thoughts? thanks to all. 2nd time poster, many many years dentalxp member. thanks to all for all your great posts. much appreciated.
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just wanted to knkw when someone gets a chance, will the bone fill in after immediate implant using biphasic calcium sulfate. thank you


Not sure this is the best situation for this AUGMA augmentation material. It resorbs rather quickly so you need intact bony walls. Also, unusual to see no bone fill here radiographically, could be residual infection from previous residual root tips. In addition, I would suggest a Staged approach to these kind of cases. Attempting Versah sinus Lift through Septum of extracted molar is quite challenging even for very experienced clinicians. Slow and Steady wins the race.


follow up image below.
note. i wanted to wait a few more months to see how case progressed (new to Augma for this type of procedure). will post another xray image of this area in a few months.


Henry Schein