8 Years Post op One Piece Implant in Maxillary Anterior

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Posted on By Maurice Salama In Implants

Restoration of anterior maxillary dentition 8 years ago using crown length, post and core and one piece unibody implant. The ultimate one abutment-one time concept. Notice the bone level radiographically at 8 years. I have never seen anything this impressive regarding maintenance of optimal bone levels. Thoughts on bone and tissue maintenance? Regards Dr. Salama

8 years clinical view
At time of provisional removal

PA of immediate temp
PA at 8 years. Note Bone levels

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One abutment one time, no micro gap and of course quality work !!
Outstanding work as usual Dr Salama,



Dentistry can be so wonderful when done well.
My suspicion is that the central next to the implant also needed endo.


Hi Maurice , very nice results.
I'm using these implant especially the 3.0 Straight or Angled, for a long time
I wondered why these implants are rarely used and by only a very few doctors??


Mo. Impressive work! Polished collar, 1A1T, built in platform switch,QUALITY DENTISTRY. A lot of factors make this work. Unfortunately opportunity to use one piece implants are limited compared to 1A1T. Thank you for sharing. Chuck.


Chuck; Yes, One piece Unibody implants require PRECISE placement and unique circumstances but if used correctly offer an outstanding result as you see here. I utilized these implants often when they first came out and still do in small spaces especially the 3.0mm diameter. They are quite effective and do not have the fracture or screw space issues of small diameter 2 piece implants. regards Mo


This One Piece by Zimmer is a smart implant. It has a constriction to create a platform switching, that is the reason to maintain bone crystal level. Nice case!!!


Great Case Mo!
What do you think is the main factor here , in order to mantain bone? :
1.- One abutment one time
2.- No gaps
3.- Switch platform-
This is what we must analize.
I believe is the nº 1.
Nº 3, helps due to good gingival depth.
Regards, and thanks for showing this expectacular case.


Outstanding result Maurice!

This implant has the perfect implant-abutment interface, as they are one piece!

No gap, no movement, no leakage... many advantages. Although, I think that they should be carefully selected as the prosthetic options are quite limited. Anyway, you have perfectly shown that for a case like yours this is the perfect indication.

Thanks for sharing.