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Khoury Vertical Augmentation Single Implant In Bone Grafting
By serif kücük on 12.31.2020 07:42 AM

As young implantologist was 14 years ago a dream to perform a vertical augmentation with predictable results. On my path to get a safe method I can say that the Khoury conce
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Do I need to go for second opinion. Endo want to In Endodontics
By Newuser Newuser on 01.08.2021 11:25 AM

I am concerned about this tooth#30 issue. I have lower jaw pain under ear and neck for 9 months now. I went to dentist for that. He checked and told me that I might have a to
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Two imediates, one failure In Implants
By Ben Lashley on 02.03.2021 06:28 PM

This 66 year old female presented by referral for two immediate implants in 12 and 13. The phenotype was thick and good buccal bone was present so complete extraction was el
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