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3 months results grafting with Augma Bond Apatite In Bone Grafting
By José Ferreira on 03.14.2021 06:22 PM

Patient with generalized mandibular periodontitis who wants to do a fixed rehabilitation and recover lost function and aesthetics. The mandibular bone had several areas wit
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What are these lines on the back of my teeth? In Patient/Consumer Inquiries
By Anna Bazinet on 04.01.2021 10:11 PM

Hello, I have these dark lines on the back of this tooth. No pain or anything so I don’t think it’s a cavity but I could be wrong. I recently had my wisdom teeth removed so I
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Gingival Depigmentation with Dental Lasers for Ma In Esthetic Therapy (General)
By jason steve on 04.30.2021 04:12 AM

Introduction - Gingival hyperpigmentation is a common esthetical concern in patients with gummy smile or excessive gingival display. It is an overproduction of melanin, beyon
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