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Is This Beyond Gingivitis? In Periodontics
By Anna K on 09.14.2021 04:31 PM

I went for a cleaning back in May of this year and my hygienist told me I have gingivitis, but said I could still turn it around if I immediately began brushing with a motori
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Caso de dentición terminal In Implants
By Eduardo Duarte on 07.24.2021 11:56 PM

Paciente de sexo masculino de 60 años de edad ,sin particularidades médicas a tener en cuenta . Ambos maxilares con dentición en estado terminal . En primer lugar tratamos ma
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By Alexander Zubkov on 07.28.2021 01:08 PM

Young lady presents to office in her 30's. Lesion discovered when patient presented for implant consultation for #18. Patient has been under observation for radiopaque lesion
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