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What is included in a dental examination? In Other
By Tara Stanley on 02.06.2023 06:41 AM

A comprehensive dental examination is an important and integral part of preventive dental care. It involves an in-depth examination of the teeth, gums, and the soft tissues i
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How long should dental cleaning take? In Other
By Jacob Thomas on 02.06.2023 06:50 AM

When it comes to your oral health, a dental cleaning should be an annual priority. This type of preventive care is key to maintaining good oral hygiene and avoiding potential
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What is the best approach? In Implants
By Mehron Haidari on 12.21.2022 12:31 AM

Hello there. This is a 21 yo female with failed ant max teeth. #8 is missing, #7, 9, 10 failed rct and faulty restorations. Hopeless. what is the best course of action.
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