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Implants for atrophic ridge with some bony defect In Implants
By Wahib Moussa on 01.16.2023 04:59 AM

Hello All Middle age lady presented to our office, requesting afixed restoration on implants, CBCT indicated that she had previous implant surgery and removable of the inser
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Severe Maxillary Atrophy In Full Arch & Dentures
By Timothy Miller968 on 02.03.2023 05:16 PM

I see alot of terminal dentition cases. Severe Maxillary atrophy is not uncommon, restoring these cases can be challenging. In this case we performed dual sinus lifts and cho
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Insertion of maxillary and mandibular implants in In Implants
By Wahib Moussa on 01.21.2023 04:53 AM

Hello All Patient presented to our office, in his mid 50 , will built and healthy . Requesting restoration of few missing teeth in both jaws. Plan was done to insert 3 im
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