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R/L post op exam In Implants
By michael kim on 07.20.2022 11:59 AM

Hiossen 3.5 mmx10 at #23 and 25 area on may 11 ,2022. patient asymptomatic, but r/l at around implant #23. any recommendations, sugestions?
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Chronic sinusitis and External sinus lift & Impla In Sinus Augmentation
By Melek Koltuk on 08.03.2022 05:07 PM

Chronic sinusitis was detected during CBCT exam and ENT consultation was made. After 2 weeks of intensive antibiotic therapy, ENT department allowed for sinus lift operat
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Bilateral Sinus Bone Graft (Two different Approac In Sinus Augmentation
By Tarek Assi on 08.12.2022 01:15 AM

Bilateral Sinus Augmentation: 1)Right Side Lateral Approach (Residual Bone Height 2mm): Repair membrane tear by suturing membrane through bone to lateral wall, Obtain good
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