The single anterior implant. A case of high aesthetic demand...

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In this case, we must take into account many factors to achieve a definite aesthetic. The gingival architecture must be studied in order to determine the depth of the implant. The gingival biotype and the osseous ridge should be repaired and improved. Thoughts?


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Thank you for sharing Alberto. Exquisite skill and documentation. My only question is what was the purpose of the mesial suture as it seemed to pull or cause ischemia to the flap and marginal clefting at post op? I am certain that it will resolve itself over time but just wondering? regards and see you in Vegas. Maurice


Alberto exceptional execution and case. Did you consider SS for this case? Do you think in an immediate extraction and Implant placement with an immediate provitional restoration the CTG will be imperative for an ideal result?
Congratulations on this case and thank you for sharing.
Always nice to see your posts on Facebook, instagram and here.
My most sincere congratulations and compliments for your cases and work!
See you in Vegas
Warm regards,


Beautiful documentation and photography. May I ask we're the animations done in Keynote as well? Great skill and case. Regards Naheed


Fantastic and artistic presentation Alberto. Well done!
Wondering if there was a prior conversation with the patient to address the altered passive eruption as there was an opportunity to enhance the high esthetic demand.
Thank you my friend.
Happy New Year!


Dear Maurice thank you for your words. In this case I use a micro blade and cut mesial gingiva by mistake. I didn't do a suture... oops!!!


Dear Manuel thank a lot!!! This case we did in December and we talk with patient about the two possibility of treatment. One, as you say, regenerate first, and the other trying to do all in the same appointment. We found good primary retention, and we decide all procedure... Time as the rigth answer!!!See you in Vegas


Dear Naheed yes I use keynote to create the draw ( by my self!!!)


Alberto, muy buena fotografia y excelente video. Abrazo, Miguel


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KLS Martin