Piezo Closed Esthetic Lengthening

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Posted on By Paul Kozy DDS In Anterior/Esthetic

Piezo surgical instrumentation is used to esthetically lengthen upper four incisors without the traditional open flap.


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How can you be sure that you have accurately altered the bone heights to the correct length. Just by bone sounding? Is that accurate enough? How long do you wait for healing before prep phase? Is this your method of choice for crown lengthening?


Excellent questions. You are correct bone reduced entirely by feel and and probing. This is only case I've done by this method. I present it as a case for discussion. Certainly more research and cases are needed.
I can say the patient had no pain and was very comfortable.
Thank you,


Paul, Nice results. Do you have any long term final photos. Perhaps 1 year or more? I am curious at maintained gingival health. It looks great so far. My compliments.


Please check recent posting 1 yr. post-op.


I remember reading an article 2-3 years ago about closed CCL sx, using a laser. When the area was flapped, all the treated teeth had trenches in the crestal bone...it was not precise at all. I prefer to be able to see the crest, so I favor a flap, as small as possible.


Clever technique, Paul!