PET for maxillary canine

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#23 was hopeless and we replaced immediately with implant following the PET protocol.
- Cervical profile evaluation
- PET preparation
- Osseodensification with Versah drills
- V3 B+ 3.9 x 11 implant
- FDBA (Cortico-cancellous) mixed with TTC (4:1)
-Collagen sponge
- Periacryl
In 3 months the implant will be uncovered and a custom healing abutment will be installed for emergence & cervical profile development (we will post the follow up video) :)


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Excellent treatment. Can you explain the need for the collagen sponge and peri-acryl. I like the idea very much. Also, you add the periacryl with a wet glove to smooth over wound? thanks Maurice


Thank you Maurice!
I routinely use collagen sponges for small sockets in order to contain the graft material. This resorbs in about 7-10 days. I cover it with periacryl in order to isolate it and reduce the resorption time as possible. The periacryl I set it up as you said and then cover it with vaseline. It has worked very good for me for many years now and this way I avoid the extra trauma of a FGG seal or the cost of a membrane. When I will uncover I will utilise the crestal tissue (depithelialised) as a rotational small CTG to ensure better quality/quantity of ST facially.

To connect this case with the previous one posted and your comment of proper custom healing abutment contouring, in this case the canine is facially positioned so my healing abutment will be under contoured facially to keep it within the envelope formed by the cervical profiles of the adjacent teeth.

Finally I forgot to point out how important is PET in this case where adjacent to the new implant there is an older one present.
Warm regards and I hope to see you in Madrid,


Great video, and thanks for the detail of vaseline!
I will try.
Regards Ioannis and see you soon!
At Madrid JTI meeting