MITSA and Osseodensification

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A case of Transcrestal Sinus augmentation with Novabone putty. And an implant placement in a narrow ridge using Densah burs.


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Dr. Kher, beautiful video, surgery and result! Congratulations!
I only wonder why you haven`t performed sinus lift utilizing Densah burs?
Thank you for sharing!
Best regards


I have been using the 3mm diameter ossteotome for this technique and have been getting constantly good results. The key to success in this technique is for the tip to snugly fit the ossteotomy so that the material does not extrude out. That happens predictable with the 3mm ossteotome.
I do have friends who have been using the Densah burs and that certainly an option.
Thanks for your comment.


Great video and skill on display....Any thoughts here regarding amount of lift that one can attain through this method? Thanks Dr. Salama


Thanks Maurice for the kind words. Sorry for the late response. Had been on the move soon after posting the case. Congrats on the completion of yet another successful meeting in Vegas. It was a pleasure to be there.
Regarding your query, I have been consistently getting lifts in excess of 10mm with this technique. At times the lift is excessive but as long as it does not block the osstium I am fine with it. I use only 0.5cc per site in all my cases.
I had presented a case series of 20 such cases at last years EAO wherein the average gain in height of residual ridge was 9.4mm!
Will share the abstract.

Post Op CBCT


KLS Martin