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GBR using Sausege tech
By Mostafa Saad
Full arch recons................Bone Augmentation
By Howard Gluckman
Follow up on my previous case.
By Ziad Eskandar
implant abutment
By mahmoud mohamed
Tuberosity bone for ridge augmentation
By snjezana pohl
Extensive Ridge ................ by Bond Apatite®
By David Baranes
Root Canal required or not
By sanjeev kumar
Content Posted The Week of 05.20.2018
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Connective tissue sequence
By Jason Witons
Soft tissue Enha................ Anterior Maxilla
By Maurice Salama
PET Case to restore or to wait?
By Mhd Nadim Haidar
Diagnosis & CBCT................inus Augmentation
By Maurice Salama
CBCT Finding
By Ziad Eskandar
Two Year Soft Tissue Retrospective
By Gerald Benjamin
PET combined with rotated connective graft
By Emilio Rodriguez-Fernández
Upper lateral incisor implant with bone resorption
By Dr. Abraham Hernandez
Content Posted The Week of 05.13.2018
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By yiannis vergoullis
Composite additi................ anterior Spacing
By brian mills
To do or not to do? -that's the question
By Barry Rimmer
Utilzation of my tooth bone graft (MTB)
By Dong Sohn
The Direct Resin Mock Up
By Gerald Benjamin
Double PET in Anterior Maxilla at 4 years
By Maurice Salama
Content Posted The Week of 05.06.2018
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Full Mouth Rehabilitation at Almost 20 Years
By Gerald Benjamin
Socket Shield
How to better treat this recession?
By Nora Delgado-Velasquez
Traumatic loss of a central incisor
By Dr Achraf SOUAYAH
Intentional replantation 4 years follow up
By george farag
Socket Shield Technique tooth 21