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Lingual plate destruction
By Ben Lashley
Content Posted The Week of 05.17.2020
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Full arch extrac................hybrid prosthesis
By Mark Hebeish
Perio Tx still plays a BIG role in patient care.
By Maurice Salama
UPDATED5/21/20: ................ would you treat?
By Ben Lashley
Socket Shield Therapy
By Fabio Manuel Filannino
mIVAN technique
By Petrônio Guimarães
SS vs Roll-Flap
By Fabio Manuel Filannino
Content Posted The Week of 05.10.2020
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exposed Socket shield
By Emad Salloum
CSP ridge preservation case
By yiannis vergoullis
Content Posted The Week of 05.03.2020
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Non-Professional Seeking Home Made Retainer Help
By Timothy Gray
Red dot on gum
By Anna Bazinet
Ideas for a plan?
By sameh barsoum
Immediate Implan................ Healing abutment
By Emilio Rodriguez-Fernández
PET + GBR and Delayed Implant Placement
By Kurt Doolin