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UPDATE! 2/12/20 Bridge replacement. How to treat!
By Ben Lashley
Ridge Split with Mallet or Versah?
By Ben Lashley
Bone bending with Khoury Plates
By Howard Gluckman
Content Posted The Week of 02.09.2020
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Flapless GBR
By Fabio Manuel Filannino
Socket shield 7 años post-operatorio
By Eduardo Duarte
By Fabio Manuel Filannino
UPDATE 2/10/20 Root submergence
By Ben Lashley
Content Posted The Week of 02.02.2020
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#12,13,14, Versah, CEREC
By Gregory Mark
Parry-Romberg Syndrome
By Alexander Zubkov
Apicoectomy, Cyst Enucleation and Augmentation
By dr Amos yahav
Immediate PET central incisor replacement
By Kurt Doolin
The Difficulties................f wisdom teeth IV
By Hangjin Kim
Content Posted The Week of 01.26.2020
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Crestal preservation with Augma Bond Apatite.
By dr Amos yahav
Ridge Augmentation for a Narrow Alveolar Crest
By David Baranes
Ridge Preservation and Mandibular Implants
By dr Amos yahav
Reconstruction's Bond Apatite
By Rotem Maller
Botched root canal?
By James Jones
Fixed restoration of the upper anterior jaw
By David Baranes
reactive bone fo................n Maxillary Sinus
By Omid Moghaddas
An Aggressive complication due to heavy smoking
By Wahib Moussa