Zygomatic implants Case

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Posted on By Vladimir García Lozada In Full Arch & Dentures

Dear all,
finally these case its finished, with some month late on control
working nice, the picture its part of a presentation, and say that the
Zygomatic implants properly perform its a great option of treatment for atrophic maxilla.

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I admire your skills and results of this treatment. At the same time I have concerns about invasive nature and increased morbidly of zigomatic implants. BTW is there any data on peri-implantitis cases on zigoma implants. It would be disastrous to have such complication.


Anton, thank you for your compliments!
Its all about DIAGNOSIS for selectiion of the different techniques
for each case with all the tools to perform a very good treatment plan and a execution of the treatment with great knowledge and scientific evidence support. With a good anesthetist the morbidity as you say it's
very less than you think over other protocols, its only one surgical site.
You need to know what are the tricks,criteria selection and protocols to avoid possible gingival recession, of course know how to solve them, cause if you don't know when you perform it, if they appear the result that you don't want to see.


KLS Martin
Augma Bio