Zirconia Implant Solution: Posterior Surgical Placement - #29 and #30

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Zirconia Implant Solutions for Two Missing Teeth In the Mandible

After continued use of Z System dental implants, it has become one of my go-to dental implants for patients referred from alternative physicians and those seeking metal free dentistry. Whether the concerns are metal allergy specific with regard to titanium alloy based implants or patient preference, I have continued to have great success with Z-Systems 2 piece implant. The patient in this case had exhibited metal allergies in the past and their referring physician suggested a metal-free solution. The patient was eager to have her posterior mandible (#29 & #30) restored with the zirconia implant. This case shows a Z-System two piece Z5C zirconia implant surgically placed into the posterior mandible to replace the missing teeth. The tissue response was excellent at week 3, one of my favorite aspects about using zirconia implants. Osseointegration was tested by reverse torque test at 35nm at 12 weeks and the implants were restored with cemented CEREC emax crowns at 12 week.

Yuriy May, DMD
Natural Dentistry

Dr. Yuriy May - 2 Piece Zirconia Implant Specialist
Zirconia Implant Full Case in Pano View: Initial Bone Level, Depth, and Full Restoration of Implants

Flap and Surgical Placement of Z System Z5C
Z System Implants with Healed Tissue - Week 12

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Nice case....I have only used the one piece. How long h the 2 piece been available? Is it FDA approved? How many have done? Any radiographs after 1 year loading? Any of this case? Thanks Dr. Salama


Dr. Salama, here is a different case that shows a one year follow up demonstrating maintenance of bone height, and healthy soft tissue contours without black spaces between adjacent teeth

1 Year follow up Pano
1 year follow up


Dr. Salama the two piece Z-systems ceramic implants has been FDA approved and available in the US for over two years, since July of 2014. Z-systems is going through FDA approval for a screw retained two piece zirconia implant. I have done about 75 units in the last two years. I don't have an X-ray with a one year follow up of this case but will post some X-rays of a different case.


Hi Yuriy! I heard your name, but do not remember where. Are you Osteopathic dentist? Do people have allergies to Zirconia?
I know it is very hard to get the right torque in 2 piece system, how you accomplish that? Gregory


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