X-ray Scanner??

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Posted on By Martin Nager In Practice Management

I need a suggestion for an X-ray scanner with TMA to scan X-rays quickly and easily. There must be one out there somewhere. My Epson V700 is very slow.

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Did you seek out the radiology department at any of the dental schools. That would be my advice.


This works, take the x-rays out of the mounting and put them into a laminator sheets. Then actually laminate them. They are then fixed and readable and can be scanned through a cheap document scanner that which can be had for $150- 400! Can be scanned right into your practice management software. No more loose bw's.



Try some different settings on the Epson. We use the Epson V750 and with the correct settings its very reasonable. Check the resolution and color settings, that machine will quickly give you more resolution then you need or can display. It still will not be as fast as some of the Epson B/W document scanners that hit 32 pages a minute.


I suggest you save yourself some money and do this .
place xray on luminator(x-ray viewer) and with the iPhone
take a picture of the X-ray . and post it to patient chart .
that's what i do it works beautifully .


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