Which material to use ??

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62 year old patient wants better esthetics for his lower anterior teeth.
He has a fixed all Zirconia bridge on implants on top and his lower teeth exhibit both attrition and erosion.Patient admits to sucking on lemons on a daily basis !
After consulting Dr. Google he asks me if the crowns I proposed to him would be Zirconia, porcelain fused to Zirconia, or Lithium Disilicate...!!
My answer: Full Zirconia crowns would match better upper bridge in opacity but could uncement frequently.
Porcelain fused to zirconia has superb esthetics but tends to chip.
Our best bet would be Lithium Disilicate in this case for better bonding and hence retention, even if they would be less opaque than the upper bridge.
07 Emax crowns were made, bonded, and adjusted in centric, protrusion, and lateral movement.
Esthetics are superb even if a bit more translucent than the upper bridge..

pre op

attrition erosion
Preps 2mm occlusal clearance

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Although an excellent result in this case I wanted to mention that we have had excellent results with using RMGI cements with Zirconia crowns...and now with more translucent monolithic Zirconia, anterior crowns can be quite esthetic.


Esthetics are superb. How is with teeth after one year? Follow up? You gave patient a bite?
Thank you


Hi Laurent;
I am still not sure why full coverage was selected instead of veneers or 3/4 crowns. That is a lot of tooth structure to remove in a patient who may live another 25 years.


Hi Gerald,
Attrition and erosion made for very little enamel to bond venners to after tooth preparation and bigger risk of bond failure if porcelain veneers were my choice of treatment.


I agree Emax crowns are the best options in this case matching all the requirements.


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