What are PET followers worried about?

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Posted on By Jorge Campos In Anterior/Esthetic

This case was done on 2008, and everything went well till today. Patient has no discomfort nor any pain.
No aesthetic issues. She wants to replace contralateral molars with implants. CBCT images shows...the bone destiny after 11 years.
This is what PET followers are worried about. Looks like the general implantologist has no idea about middle and long term bone behaivour.
Some ideas? If I take ALL my non pet cases after 10 years...how much buccal bone will I find?

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This is the first bicuspid, had initial narrow bone but crest was healed for many years. The 2nd bicuspid was delayed 1 month but you can see bone on buccal...at that time. Not today


This is a brilliant illustration of what bone does long term. And EXACTLY why PET is king. This should be shown everywhere. Thanks for posting


Thanks Howie, I think it is very important to spread cases like this. The fate of buccal wall...on the middle term is like what I´m showing. But it reveals after 11 years... Regards Jorge


I wonder Jorge how many of these we have out there waiting to explode..


Ioannis, with just a mild mucositis...this implants quickly evolves to a periimplantitis...I guess. Really disturbing my friend Regards Jorge


Ioannis and Jorge, many...I am afraid. Each time when I am doing CBCT planning implants I am afraid to look at the sites with already placed implants...
PET is not only about aesthetics...
Best regards and thank you for posting, Jorge


Dear Snjezana, Ioannis and ALL our friends. I was inspired by your idea. If we begin collecting cases like this , where you show first the implant site, the bone on buccal and after some years the CBCT.... If we get suppose hundred...this will be a nice way to begin a presentation of PET. What does the group think? Regards, Jorge


I'm not sure you can blame this on pet -there are many other issues here High fraenal attachment Lack of buccal bone at placement ?splinting restoration One cannot blame this on pet especially when there is still not enough long term research on pet We have a saying lets "not jump out of the fat into the frying pan" Pet appears to be an answer but I'm old enough to be careful making sweeping statements like so many reps do everyday


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