Vestibular approach to soft tissue grafting

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Posted on By david wong In Soft Tissue Enhancement

Case from 2005... Tribute to Team Atlanta. Dr. Maurice Salama introduced this to me when he spoke for my study club in Tulsa, Oklahoma during a tornado. Patient has implant #6, cantilever pontic #7. The deficiency in the papillary area is the patient's concern.

Initial presentation

CT graft taken from the tuberosity
Graft sutured into place

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Nice result, David...and yes, my partner, Dr. Salama, is a great teacher!!


Thanks for the kind words, Dr. Goldstein. And by the way, you may not remember this, but your suggestion to me at dinner a couple of years ago in Ft. Lauderdale to put on a presentation called the "Failure Festival" was a HUGE hit. Thank you for the wonderful advice.


Perfect management my friend. Just did a similar case but with a VISTA Approach. Just shows how long tunneling principles have been around, whether u go from the top, bottom or the side.
Nothing new under the sun :)

Best regards,


Thank you, Ehab... yes, there's not a whole lot new anymore. Maybe new tools and materials, but the principles are the same-- just re-branded and re-packaged.


David, great case management, happy patient who came across in the right moment!
Have you a recent follow up? It would be interesting to see the tissue stability over time. As I understood, the case is done 2015, and you posted one year follow up.
Best regards


Great case. How was the area prepared prior to graft placement? Were interdental incisions placed?


Hi Kent, sulcular incisions were made around the teeth to free up the marginal tissue to make room for the graft.


Great job! This is great management of the dental case. The result seems good.


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