Utilzation of my tooth bone graft (MTB)

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I had done lots of auto block bone graft for last 25 yrs as OMS. However most patients was not happy with this procedure due to its invasiveness. Therefore I stopped to harvest auot block bone 10 yrs ago because I cannot accept harversting of block bone for implant if I were patient.

As alternative to invasive harvesting of auto block bone, decalcified MTB has many advantages due to its osteoinductivity and sold space making.

Extracted teeth is no longer biological garbage.
Tooth bone has long history sinc 1960S.

Ddecalcifeid osteoinductive MTB can be used, in the type particulate, block bone and ring bone.

note tooth block is completely covered by new bone

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DS; Great concepts. Do you have re-entry on this case? We are waiting for the high resolution video to post your presentation on this concept. Tyler is waiting. Please send ASAP. Thanks Dr. Salama


of course Mo, I have many follow up and histologic data also. I have been used decalcified tooth bone for last 8 yrs. Regarding on high resolution video on my lecture, I need to check when I come back home. I am in Istanbule, Turkey after my course for European doctors. Please ask Tyler to e mail at waups.org@gmail for video.Thank you


Dong Sohn, we are really eager to see your cases with re entery and follow up. I am sure you achieve great results.
Best regards


of course I have good results with tooth block and some cases are shown on facebook. thank you